Durk Talsma's Photography Portfolio

Rainy city...

Gent, early evening. I personally really like this shot, despite a number of technical imperfections. I'd gone to the city center for a shot of the christmas tree (rain or shine). I took this one when I realized the city buses were adding an interesting touch to the motive, and they were about to leave. The camera wasn't ready for night photography yet, resulting in a low iso/shutter speed and some motion blur.

In the red of Night

Night shot of the city center of Gent. Desaturated colors, except for the red channel.

Windmill "de Zwaluw", in the village of Birdaard

A few ice skaters are passing by the windmill "de Zwaluw" in the village of Birdaard, in northeren Friesland. Too bad, we didn't have an eleven city tour this year, but this was probably the next best thing.

Statue at the Vrijdagsmarkt

When I had just moved to Gent, me and my other foreign colleaugues liked to use the statue of "that guy on the vrijdagmarkt" as a meeting place. I still refer to the statue as "that guy".

Budapest Parliament

Budapest 2013: the parliament building as seen from the Donau river.

The Royal Palace at Night